Name Faírgun
Motto Hjarta Fjallinu, Hjarta Dvergur
(Heart of the Mountain, Heart of the Dwarf)
Official Languages Dwarven
Demonym Faírgunian
Area 20,425 miles 2

Faírgun (IPA [fa.ˈi:ʁ.gʊ.n]) is a limited monarchy governed by King Adalbehrt the Stalwart and the Council of the Nine Clans. The dwarves are a rich, insular people, who certainly welcome foreign merchants and foreign wealth, but have little care for outside ways, beyond what they need to negotiate. Unlike the elves, dwarves are happy to speak Imperial if it will ease communication, but where outsiders are uninvolved, they speak only Dwarven.

Dwarves struck with wanderlust are considered odd, but are allowed to go about their strange ways without interference. Dwarves do not care for magic that they deem non-dwarven; this prejudice does not hurt the clerics of Moradin, who enjoy high status. They are next to only the Clan Chiefs, the Craftsmen, and the King.

Dwarven craftsmen are the greatest on the continent. They say that every sword can be traced back to the mountains, and all wondrous objects owe their existence to dwarven innovation, even those not of dwarven make.


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